Thank you so much for this last weekend's body class! I loved learning about how what we eat can nourish our body in ways that go beyond "diet". - PT



When Lalita asked me to write her a recommendation, I jumped at the chance to share my experience with her! Lalita has a gift of talking to bodies in a way that is so healing. I have had massages, body processes and cranial-sacral sessions with her. Every session is different - based on what my body is saying. I love that this isn't like an ordinary massage.

She's the BEST! - AH

It is a powerful experience to receive a session with Lalita, her energetic work is a therapeutic transmission that eased all tension from my body and mind. I left the session feeling quite elevated and liberated emotionally, and my vibration raised.  Lalita has keen insight and innerstanding.  She is a wise healer


Being an active person, I’ve had many massages, and Lalita’s massages are phenomenal. She is easily number one in my book

-Paul E